DJ Fat Controller / #OldSkool Show


  • Tuesday - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


  • Hardcore
  • Jungle
  • Oldskool
  • Rave

Join us for a two hour magical mystery tour through Old Skool each and every Tuesday… Covering many genres from the “Golden Era” of 88-95 with loads of involvement from listeners on facebook and Twitter….. All aboard!

From back in the days now regarded as Old Skool! Best known for the track “In Complete Darkness”. He’s played at many events and clubs over the years, including World Dance, Amnesia House, Evolution, AWOL, Double Dipped, Hyperbolic, Planet Earth, Pandemonium, Equinox, Psychosis, Origin, Dr Devious, Pleasuredome, Diehard + many more…
Also part of “Kreative Force” along with Dave “Flippin Mental” Evans that had a couple of releases on Uphoria records, as well as releasing tracks under the alias “Stomper”.

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