DJ Gunnee / Hold On To Your Knickers Show


  • Sunday - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


  • Hardcore
  • Rave

DJ Gunnee specialises in 92 – 96 Hardcore and NuSkool Rave

He has been on the underground seen since 1994 playing at venues such as Camden Palace (room 2), Bagels, Cross Barr, Club Mass. 2 great years at Homelands, a resident at Strawberry Sunday, Strawberry Moons, Club Smile just to name a few. Also promoted applecore, while enjoying playing various pirate radio stations across London and Essex. Right now he’s loving his Saturday 12 till 2 show that has been named the HOLDONTOYOURKNICKERS SHOW that happened on a messy night out!

Twitter @djgunnee